2012 Tweed River Music Festival

Tweed River Productions is proud to present the 4th annual Tweed River Music Festival taking place August 3,4 and 5 at the junction of routes 100 and 107 in Stockbridge, VT. Hosted by Vermont’s own Bow Thayer and Perfect Trainwreck, the festival takes pride in presenting the New England region’s finest blend of original music. Weekend passes including camping are available as well as single day admission tickets. Kids 6 and under are free. Continue reading

Tweed Winter Carnival Update: It’s on!

If you have not heard already, you will be informed that the SnowMont Festival that was to be held at Killington has been cancelled. Although Tweed River Winter Carnival was to be lumped into the promotion for SnowMont we are pleased to tell you that we are in no way even considering a cancellation. TWEED RIVER MUSIC CARNIVAL IS STILL ON!!!!! Although now we may have to call it The March Madness MeltDown Festival.

Pico Ski Resort may even have to shut down the lifts before the music starts on Friday March 23rd but that will not stop us either. We have made it through the floods of Irene and an unforgiving winter so these cancellations don’t faze us a bit. It just fuels our commitment to providing a great weekend of music and fun that we all need now. Even if the lifts are not spinning Pico is a great place. The experience of hiking up and skiing down in solitude on corn snow is a past time many locals look forward to. If the day is nice (and we plan on it being gorgeous), then it will be one hell of a deck party. So get all your friends and family together and come on down to Pico Mountain on March 23 and 24 and have some high altitude spring recreation and get down with some fabulous music.


Featured Band: MMOSS

Take legendary ’70s freak folk outfit Comus. Pipe their music through a PA. Fling that PA into space. That’s what Mmoss sounds like. Like psychedelic-prog broadcasted through Mir’s internal sound system. Yeah, they rule that hard. And while we don’t want to get your hopes up or nothing, we’re pretty sure if you listen to them long enough, you turn into a wizard. Now, this is an entirely circumstantial inference, but we will say that wizards listen to them.

Performing Saturday August 13 at Tweed River Music Festival

Featured Band: Township

“Township’s awe-inspiring rock histrionics are very present and the hits literally keep coming…Coming Home is a round-trip ending with a perfect nine-minutes-and-change finale that ends somewhere on the dark side of the moon. But by then, you’ll just want to start over again.” – Northeast Performer

“With so many bands looking to the 80′s for inspiration, rummaging through the dustbins of a more distant past may seem like a revelation. So it goes on the new self-titled album of Boston-based Township (out 10/28) on tracks like “Beaver Fever” and “Sinister Minister,” where the songs are as good as their titles’ rhymes and the band works up a churning 70′s funk while it sweats out classic riffs. With sludgy grooves, scorching solos, and Southern Gothic operas, Township fires off a series of timeless anthems that resonate like sun-bleached Polaroids.” – Boston Magazine

Performing Saturday August 13 at Tweed River Music Festival


Featured Band: Eric Royer and Guitar Machine

I invented and built the first Guitar Machine in Tucson in 1994 and since then have built three more versions, each time making it more playable and more portable (for playing on the street, in subways, etc…). The machine, often compared to a Rube Goldberg sculpture, consists of an acoustic guitar, a bass guitar and a cowbell all suspended in a copper pipe frame. I play all three instruments by depressing pedals with both of my feet. There are no computers or anything like that involved, it’s all mechanical. The pedals pull strings that cause several different movements on the machine, strings get plucked, capo things go up and down, a golf ball hits the cowbell, the “Pretty Polly” doll dances, etc… – Eric Royer

Hear Royer’s One Man Band on NPR’s All Things Considered from July 11th, 2003

Performing Sunday August 14 at Tweed River Music Festival


Featured Band: Banditas

“Sweet harmonies stab through fuzzed out distortion and linger over dead silence…rumble drums on horse back, specks charging over distant hills…sometimes sparse, sometimes spoken, sometimes belted black tears rolling down their cheeks…mascara stained moon faces broken by heart ache… songs inspired by notorious women, murder ballads, cowboy daddies, boys and summers… Hayley Thompson-King vocals and guitar, Molly Maltezos harmonies, Alec Tisdale drums, Chris Taylor and Jay Cannava bass guitar.
Releases include demo EP GET BEHIND US; 7” Harmony Glass/When He Comes Home Late At Night (Motorcycle Face Records); and a full length record to be released fall 2011.
2010 Nominee for Boston Music Awards’ Best New Artist, 2011 featured artist at Weekly Dig/Converse SXSW official party, nominated for Best Female Vocalist and Best Roots/Americana by the Boston Phoenix’s Best Music Poll 2011.

“Their minimal, gothic, harmony-rich music makes you sort of worried you’re about to get pushed into an abandoned Texas mine-shaft by a psychopath with a shotgun and a dresser full of love letters.” -Luke O’Neil, “Banditas Are Kinda Scary”, Street Boners and TV Carnage

“A little Neko Case, a little Lesley Gore, a lot of lo-fi Americana wonderful. Fronted by two ladies who know their way around heartbreaker blues and harmonies, this trio is one of those great Best Coasts we get for suffering though Taylor Swift.” -Jed Gottlieb, Boston Herald

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Featured Band: Booker T. Jones

Some seeds fall near the tree, some are carried by the winds to distant lands. Booker’s first fruits were drawn from the root of American music— the Mississippi Delta’s blues became soul and rock and roll. Memphis and New Orleans passed those rhythms forth and back, then shipped them out across the globe. Booker found his destiny manifested in California, leaving the murky provincialism of the Mississippi River for the vast embrace of the Pacific Ocean. Like any good pioneer, on his road from Memphis he brought only what he could carry, cherished what he could use, and he built a new life, sun-filled with possibilities, rich with distant echoes. – Robert Gordon, Memphis, 2011
Robert Gordon is the author of It Came From Memphis and producer-director of the documentary Respect Yourself: The Stax Records Story. Continue reading

Featured Band: Apollo Run

Apollo Run lead singer John McGrew sounds uncannily like Jeff Buckley with some Freddie Mercury-worthy grandstanding thrown in. One moment he offers a quiet little lament, the next he falls to the floor and abuses his guitar in an epileptic fit. Throughout his raucousness, the band sustains a record-perfect clarity in performance, often wrapping up shows with an unplugged hootenanny in the middle of the crowd. – The Village Voice

Check out www.apollorun.com for more information

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Featured Band: Jeffery Foucault & Cold Satellite

Longtime disciple of the rich and strange music that sings behind the American veil, Jeffrey Foucault has spent the last decade mining the darker seams of country and blues, producing a string of spare and elemental albums of rare power while garnering accolades across the United States and overseas for a tersely elegant brand of songwriting set apart by its haunting imagery and weather-beaten cool.

Fore more information visit www.jeffreyfoucault.com

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