Featured Band: Booker T. Jones

Some seeds fall near the tree, some are carried by the winds to distant lands. Booker’s first fruits were drawn from the root of American music— the Mississippi Delta’s blues became soul and rock and roll. Memphis and New Orleans passed those rhythms forth and back, then shipped them out across the globe. Booker found his destiny manifested in California, leaving the murky provincialism of the Mississippi River for the vast embrace of the Pacific Ocean. Like any good pioneer, on his road from Memphis he brought only what he could carry, cherished what he could use, and he built a new life, sun-filled with possibilities, rich with distant echoes. – Robert Gordon, Memphis, 2011
Robert Gordon is the author of It Came From Memphis and producer-director of the documentary Respect Yourself: The Stax Records Story.

Performing Sunday August 14 at Tweed River Music Festival



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