Featured Band: Township

“Township’s awe-inspiring rock histrionics are very present and the hits literally keep coming…Coming Home is a round-trip ending with a perfect nine-minutes-and-change finale that ends somewhere on the dark side of the moon. But by then, you’ll just want to start over again.” – Northeast Performer

“With so many bands looking to the 80′s for inspiration, rummaging through the dustbins of a more distant past may seem like a revelation. So it goes on the new self-titled album of Boston-based Township (out 10/28) on tracks like “Beaver Fever” and “Sinister Minister,” where the songs are as good as their titles’ rhymes and the band works up a churning 70′s funk while it sweats out classic riffs. With sludgy grooves, scorching solos, and Southern Gothic operas, Township fires off a series of timeless anthems that resonate like sun-bleached Polaroids.” – Boston Magazine

Performing Saturday August 13 at Tweed River Music Festival


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