Festival Info

The Tweed River Festival will be taking place on August 3, 4 & 5 in Stockbridge, VT at the junction of routes 100 and 107

  • Kids under the age of 12 are free.
  • There will be absolutely no alcohol for sale on the premises so it is a BYOB affair.┬áPlease use ultimate responsibility in the use and disposal of any alcoholic beverages that you bring in with you.
  • There will be no dogs allowed as this can create chaos for the general audience and the little ones.
  • There will be amenities such as toilets and water.
  • There will be vendors selling food, clothing and whatnot. It is highly recommended that you bring food, water and camping supplies if you do decide to camp.
  • There is a swimming hole located at the back of the premises. It is beautiful and pretty gentle but we ask that you use caution and swim at your own risk.
  • This will be a RAIN OR SHINE event.
  • We stress that all of those who plan to attend should exercise good judgement, good behavior and general respect for the the people putting on the event, your neighbor next to you and most of all the earth that we live on.
  • Please pick up after yourself and encourage those around you to do so as well. Thank you and we look forward to a great turnout for a great weekend of music.