Tweed Winter Carnival Update: It’s on!

If you have not heard already, you will be informed that the SnowMont Festival that was to be held at Killington has been cancelled. Although Tweed River Winter Carnival was to be lumped into the promotion for SnowMont we are pleased to tell you that we are in no way even considering a cancellation. TWEED RIVER MUSIC CARNIVAL IS STILL ON!!!!! Although now we may have to call it The March Madness MeltDown Festival.

Pico Ski Resort may even have to shut down the lifts before the music starts on Friday March 23rd but that will not stop us either. We have made it through the floods of Irene and an unforgiving winter so these cancellations don’t faze us a bit. It just fuels our commitment to providing a great weekend of music and fun that we all need now. Even if the lifts are not spinning Pico is a great place. The experience of hiking up and skiing down in solitude on corn snow is a past time many locals look forward to. If the day is nice (and we plan on it being gorgeous), then it will be one hell of a deck party. So get all your friends and family together and come on down to Pico Mountain on March 23 and 24 and have some high altitude spring recreation and get down with some fabulous music.

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