Born of boredom and bourbon, Ripple Music Recording Artists-WHITE DYNOMITE are considered gentlemen of experience and true Rock City pedigree. Featuring ex-members of ROADSAW, LAMONT and WRECKING CREW, this five man band has a shared love for all things loud, fast and loose. WHITE DYNOMITE call Boston home but their brand of action spans the globe.  This trip careens thru the streets of NYC with The Ramones and The Dictators blaring thru the deck. Then shoot across the pond to London for a holiday party with Slade and T.Rex. A quick swerve left goes straight into Sweden thru Hellacopters and Turbonegro country before spinning the wheels down Detroit’s back alleys with The Stooges and MC5 riding shotgun. WHITE DYNOMITE’s wild ride does it all in one night. Say what you will about the white suits. WHITE DYNOMITE have enough punk muscle and Rock n Roll heart to deliver the goods loaded, rolling and exploding in a cloud of smoke.